Mar 282014

This week two new Nepali movies, ‘Jhelee’ and ‘Shooter’ were released in theaters in Nepal.

jhelee poster 1

Comedy drama movie ‘Jhelee’ is drected by Kamal Dahal and features Surbina Karki, Anil Thapa, Bishnu Rijal, Oscar Sharma, and Deepa Adhikari in main roles. The movie produced by Bheshman Shrestha is said to be made on sex and cheatings.

Another movie on action theme ‘Shooter’ is one more Biraj Bhatt film. The movie is dubbed from Bhojpuri language to Nepali. The poster of the movie only shows Biraj Bhatt and details of other actors are not known.

** Summary in Nepali**

यो शुक्रबार दुई नेपालि फिल्म ‘झेली’ र भोजपुरी बाट डबिंग गरेको बिराज भट्टको फिल्म ‘शुटर’ रिलिज हुँदै छन् |

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