Jul 062010

I was surprised when Kantipur published an article about a, so called Nepali, sex film actress. I am not sure if she is Nepali or not but in a video that I came across, she says that she is an Indian. See for yourself:

Girls like Maya Bazin (or Deepsikha, or whatever) don’t even tell their real names. Everybody knows, these girls can say anything that makes them special. They don’t have to show any proof of their sayings so they use their imagination to take advantage of the situation.

This girl Maya might have heard about Nepal, and she wanted to make herself special by telling she is a Nepali girl. She might also have been to Nepal for a vacation, where she learned few Nepali words (anybody in a hotel in Kathmandu can teach them). And, in another occasion, she forgot how to spell Nepal and took refuge to the easier word ‘India’ for her origination. One should be a fool to believe her and consider her an Indian or a Nepali without a much better proof!

Now, what proof does Kantipur has, to tell she is a Nepali? They have made it to the frontpage news (based on a sole interview of a pro) in the weekly publication without even cross checking the information.

Many websites are run by a single person, so they can’t do much research. But, media houses like Kantipur have a huge amount of people around to do extensive research before something is published. They need to cross-check every news and articles for the authenticity of the information to be published.

In my opinion, people at Kantipur know sex sells, but they have yet to realized the importance of research and the weight of information.

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  12 Responses to “Kantipur, are you sure Maya Bazin is Nepali?”

  1. […] Saptahik in publishing the article is that she reportedly told she is a Nepali girl. Our friends in moviesnepal.com have posted a video in which she is telling she is an Indian. Their analysis is palatable. Girls like Maya Bazin (or […]

  2. Hey admin………………. Thanks for ur point of view.
    Nepali newspaper should research the fact and everything before they publish the news in the front cover with the whole coverage.
    She is just the whore………………..Sry for the word but that’s the word she deserves. Noone has right to sale my country’s name. I’m not going to tell her a nepali gal and residing in states. No………..and never.

  3. no !maya bazin is not nepali

  4. you are right person ,great man

  5. this kantipur is spioling it’s reputation…. one of the biggest newspaper of the country publishing such worthless article… ani who gives a shit to such article…. either they should have a well knowledge about this or… they r just copying it and pasting it for the sake of …ke vanne hola… just to get their paper hitting sky high… what a cheap way to do it…. what would a school boy do after reading this,….. don’t say that children don’t read this newspaper…. or a school library doesn’t have this paper… hoina ho yo samaj ke vako yesto…. hoina…. yo kantipur ke vako yesto…. pahile aauta call girl ko add aaba aauta aagantuk kt lai nepali banayera aafno newspaper ko bikri badaune…. vayna hai yesto…

  6. Is it the demand of the readers of the Kantipur to publish such a rubbish materials? otherwise the team of the paper is being immoral to our society, to the readers. that means the paper is spoiling the new generation.. some people may argue if you think so why do you see th e paper. but more people are habituated to get this paper.. so plz no more sexy pictures….

  7. I agree this article, american like to see blue film of girl from different part of the world and in america no any nepali girl is playing blue film yet. so this porn actress thought to be special saying nepali, her pronunciation does not show that she is nepali. So, see her blue film thinking that a porn actress who knows few nepali

  8. i like your idia

  9. Hi, Maya
    u re too cute and sexy malai timi manparyo malai timro puttima chatna manlageko cha kaile vetne ho vana and reply me ok
    love ..you

  10. Same on you people who published false article without any research but It was really to see people standing against this kind of dirty job. Even we live far from Nepal, in different culture and different society but we haven’t forgotten our value , culture and dignity . Proudly I can introduce myself as a Nepali.

  11. hoina..she called her name is Deepsika…in tape videos ….may be she is neplai…..

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