Sep 022012

The actresses Karishma Manandhar and Arunima Lamsal are going to the USA (separately) for a visit in the third week of Bhadra.



Karishma’s daughter Kabita Manandhar is currently in USA doing her higher studies. Karishma has to go to the US to manage some papers in her college. Karishma had lived in the US for some years and had returned back in 2009. Karishma is planning to leave on September 14, 2012 and is planning to return at the end of December, 2012.

Arunima’s visit to USA is planned on Sept 5, 2012. Arunima has been in maternity leave from the movie industry after the birth of her first child and her attempt of returning in movies hasn’t been successful yet. Arunima will be travelling with her husband and the 1-year-old daughter. team wishes the actresses a very happy journey to the US.


नेपाली हिरोइनहरु अरुणिमा लम्साल र करिश्मा मानन्धर छुट्टा छुट्टै अमेरिका भ्रमण गर्न जांदैछन । करिश्मा आफ्नी छोरी कबिता मानन्धरलाइ भेट्न जेष्ठ २९ गतेको उडान बाट अमेरिका जाँदैछिन्। भने अरुणिमा आफ्नी एक बर्षकी छोरीलाइ लिएर आफ्ना पतिकासाथ घुम्न  जेष्ठ २० गते उड्दैछिन ।


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