Apr 262011

karishma-manadhar In an interview a noted Nepali film director, Narayan Puri, has claimed that Nepali actresses Karishma Manandhar and Gauri Malla used to tease him using vulgar language.

Narayan Puri became a director at a very young age and he was younger than the actresses Karishma and Gauri. He told that he used to call them elder-sisters but they used to tease him by using vulgar language. He also told that the actresses used to call him “Director Saheb”

Narayan Puri started his movie career with a movie named ‘Tapsaya’.



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  1. […] he started direction early, most of the artists he had to teach acting were older. In an interview, he had accused actress Karishma Manandhar and Gauri Malla of teaching him at the sets. He had told about making […]

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