Dec 202015

Interview of Karishma Manandhar:

  • Karishma request everybody to go and watch the movie ‘Phalgu’.
  • She has claimed that the director Samjhana, her husband Binod and herself have tried their best to make a good film.
  • Karishma says that all the artists in the movie were selected by audition.
  • Director Samjhana also talks about her second direction movie ‘Phlagu’.


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Shilpa Pokharel’s interview about the movie:

  • Interview of Shilpa Pokheral.
  • Shilpa Pokharel explains about her role in the new movie ‘Fagu’.
  • Shilpa explains why she accepted to work in the movie.
  • Shilpa’s role in the movie features action, sentimental and romantic.
  • She says she doesn’t want to be a no. 1 actress but a good actress.
  • Shilpa talks about her relationship with Chhabi Raj Ojha.
  • Shilpa says she doesn’t like when people compare her with Rekha Thapa.
  • Shilpa says she is thankfull to Chhabiraj Ojha and director Nawal Khadka.


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