Feb 252016

This interview was shown in aTV. Highlights of this interview:

  • Karisma says why she had released her movie ‘Fagu’ before Fagu Purnima.
  • Karishma talks about every color has their own definition.
  • Karishma says the movie ‘Fagu’ is about a girl named Fagu and the story about her.
  • In ‘Fagu’ movie they celebrate fagu festival with a fagu song.
  • Karishma explains the reason she makes movies.
  • Karishma says why she went to the USA for some years and returned back.
  • Karishma and host talk about why Nepali Peoples are reach but the country is poor.
  • Karishma talks about the reason of different levels of peoples in Nepal.
  • Karishma explains the reason she had joined political party, ‘Naya Sakti’.


Watch the full interview

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