Jun 152013

Two new movies were released in theaters on Friday, June 14. A much anticipated movie ‘Karkas’ and ‘Yeti Dheri Maya’ were released in theaters all over Nepal.


karkas poster

‘Karkas’ is directed by Asif Shah and produced by Asim Shah for G21 Production. The movie features Suraj Singh Thakuri in his debut role and also features Satya Raj Acharya, Dayahang Rai and Raymon Das Shrestha in main roles. Other actors include Rajendra Khadgi, Looniva Tuladhar, Harshika Shrestha, Ragini Khadgi etc. The story of the movie is written by Asif Shah and Abhinash Bikram Shah.

Another new release ‘Yeti Dheri Maya’ is produced by Rajendra Sadashankar. The movie is written and directed by Lucky Bidur. The movie features Subash Meche, Shyam Katuwal and Samjhana Pyakurel in leading role. The movie is an made on an action story.

*** Summary in Nepali ***

यो शुक्रबार नेपाली फिल्म हलमा दुई नेपाली फिल्म ‘यति धेरै माया’ र ‘कर्कस’  रिलिज भएका छन् । आशिफ शाहको निर्देशन र असिम शाहको निर्माणमा बनेको यस फिल्मलाई ‘डार्क कमेडी’ भनेर प्रचार बारिएको थियो।

लक्की विदुरले निर्देशन गरेको ‘यति धेरै माया’मा सुवास मेचे, श्याम कटुवाल र सम्झना प्याकुरेलको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ । यस फिल्म सुरेन्द्र सदाशंकरको निर्माणमा बनेको हो।

yeti dheri maya

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