Oct 042012

A film by Anup Giri ‘Kuntha’ is currently in post production works. The shooting of the movie started the second week of September, 2012 and finished by the end of the month.



The movie is made under the banner of Shine Entertainment’s Banner was shot by cinematographer Niraj Kandel. The movie based on a prostitute’s live will feature actress Mausami Malla in the role of prostitute. Other casts in the movie include Rohbin Pokhrel and Suraj. The production manager of the movie is Ganesh Sapkota.

The director of the movie Anup Giri has previously worked in video editing, cinematography, and animation. He has also created some short movies before. The debut movie of Anup will feature Kiran Michel’s script, screenplay and music.

***Summary in Nepali**

अनुप गिरीको निर्देशनमा बन्ने ‘कुण्ठा’ नामक फिल्म अहिले पोस्ट प्रोडक्सन मा छ । पहिले भिडियो सम्पादन, छायाँकन आदिको अनुभव भए पनि अनुपको यो पहिलो फिल्म हो । वेश्यावृतिमा संलग्न महिलाको जीबन कथामा आधारित यो फिल्म मा नायिका मौसमी मल्ल बेश्या महिलाको भुमिकामा प्रस्तुत हुनेछिन ।

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