Oct 242013

Two new movies – ‘Madhumash’ and ‘War’ are releasing in theaters on October 25, 2013. The movie made on the story of a honeymoon, ‘Madhumash’ features actor Aryan Sigdel, actress Pooja Sharma and Siwangini Rana. The movie directed by Sudarshan Thapa is produced jointly by the director and Baburam Dahal. The movie features beautiful scenes from Lumbini and Palpa.


madhumash poster

Another new release on this Friday is ‘War’, a movie directed by Mukunda Bhatta. The movie produced by Subodh Bhatta features Krishna Bhatta, Neeta Dhungana, and LP Siwakoti in main roles. The action, thriller movie is presented by Bhatta Group.

** Summary in Nepali **

यो शुक्रबार ‘मधुमाश’ र ‘वार’ दुई नयाँ नेपाली फिल्म रिलिज हुँदै छन् । पारिवारिक ड्रामा ‘मधुमाश’ पति पत्नीको सम्बन्धको बारेमा बनेको छ भने एक्सन प्रधान ‘वार’ अपराधको बारेमा ।

सुदर्शन थापाले निर्देशन गरेको ‘मधुमाश’मा आर्यन सिग्देल, पूजा शर्मा, मानोज आरसी आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ भने मुकुन्द भट्टले निर्देशन गरेको ‘वार’मा नीता ढुंगाना, कृष्ण भट्ट र एलपी शिवाकोटीको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ ।

war poster 1

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