Dec 112015

The stories of crooks who cheat women to have sex and steal their jewelries and money. These crooks pretend to be innocent and cheat the unsuspecting women making them unconscious. All of these short films hare staged to show hot bodies and crooks. These short films feature various artists There are 4 different stories in this post:

maukama chauka episodes

Maukama Chauka – 4 (removed)
Starring – Sharan Neupane, Sofiya
Director – Yes Pratik

Maukama Chauka – Episode – 3
Starring – Bimala Shiwakoti, Sharan Neupane

6 minutes long episode :

Maukama Chauka – Episode – 2
Starring – Bimala Shiwakoti, Surendra KC, D Dhakal

Episode 2

Maukama Chauka – Episode – 1
Starring – Durga Dhakal, Bimala Shiwakoti, Shiva Sharan Neupane

Watch the 6 minutes long episode 1 :

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