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Note: This profile was prepared for an website that has gone offline these days.

Mausami Gurung, one of the most talked about female singers of Nepal, her career graph has definitely risen very fast. Mausami Gurung in the segment personality profile where she shares her struggle, her success, her style and lots more. To get up-close and personal with Mausami do read and get closer…


Mausami welcome to the site.
Thank you very much, I am really happy and honoured that I am the lucky one to be featured here. My best wishes to the team.

Thank you very much and let’s start our talk with your new album Pal.
I have loads of hope from this album. The outcome of four years of effort is my latest album Pal. The initial result is not really impressive but I am optimistic.

Yours most talked about song right now is "chorera lagyo" but the comment from most of the viewers is…??
Yah yah I know what you are talking about…hahahaha (laughs)…Yes most of the viewers have commented that I look really short in front of the male model. Actually I like the model’s i.e. Niroj Shakya’s face. That’s why I chose him as a model but unfortunately I was not aware of his height. So when we shot the video I expected that we did not have to stand together but we had to and I looked really short. My bad luck but no worries I am really excited about my new video which is coming very soon.

That video is definitely very feminine. Mausami with all colorful dresses, bangles, makeup and even your album cover looks very glam.

Yah I love dressing up for occasions. I love being feminine. I love long boots and I am a big fan of big belts. I love colorful clothes. Whenever I am abroad I love shopping. Here in kathmandu I normally shop in Thamel, Newroad and since I stay in Boudha I love shopping in Boudha as well.

Your career graph has risen very fast. How easy or hard has been the journey till now?

I loved singing since my childhood. My dad was army personnel so my family was in Kolkata. I still remember that I used to dance, sing and eat the brains of my family members. When we came to Nepal i.e. seven years ago I was dying to learn music so I started teaching. At that time my salary was only Rs.1600 but right now I believe all that has paid off. People only see my success and feel Mausami has done everything instantly but that’s not correct. I have worked really hard to reach this level. (Chuckles)

How easy or hard is the Nepali music field for the female singers right now?

It’s very easy right now compared to the past. The trend has definitely changed in music as well. Not only good voice but also good looks, good public relation and glam factor is essential to be demanding in the market.

About the romantic status of the most demanding female artist Mausami, can we get any idea?

Ummm…I am cent percent single and not ready to mingle. After marriage it’s very hard especially for the females. The household chores, the responsibilities, the boundaries. Oh my god …I am still not ready for all that.

So, that means Mausami is busy only in music these days?

Yes, totally music. I am learning guitar. I am singing in Nepali movie songs and doing some voiceovers as well.

Thank you for providing us sometime from your busy schedule Mausami and any message for our readers?

Thank you for your support and love. Stay the same and please instead of buying pirated music learn to buy albums and help us to survive in music industry.

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  1. hey this is sushil frm sydney hp u remember me.i ve lost ur face book id do u mind….add me

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