May 192013

In addition to ‘Antaral’ and ‘Khagras’, two more movies were released this Friday, making a total release of 4 new movies on theaters. The two movies were Biraj Bhatt‘s ‘Maya Diu Jhai Bho’ and Sima KC’s ‘Use’.


use poster 1

The movie ‘Maya Diu Jhai Bho’ is made on love story with action and family story. The movie is shot in Mumbai and is also made in Bhojpuri language. In addition to Biraj Bhatt, the movie also features Poojana Pradhan, Sonali Joshi, Puskar Bhatt and Binaya Anand in main roles and is directed by Nirmal KC.

Another new release ‘Use’ is told to be made on a true story. The movie featuring Jayakishan Basnet, Subash Meche, and Sima KC is directed by BS Balami.

*** Summary in Nepali ***

यस अघि भनिएका दुई नेपाली फिल्मका साथ साथै अरु दुई फिल्म ‘माया दिउँ झैँ भो’ र ‘यूज’ पनि यही शुक्रबार रिलिज भएका थिए ।

‘यूज’ मा जयकिशन बस्नेत, सुवास मेचे, सीमा केसी को मुख्य भूमिका छ भने ‘माया दिउँ झैँ भो’मा बिराज भट्ट, पूजना स्त्री, सोनाली जोशी, पुस्कर भट्ट, बिनय आनन्द आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ ।

maya diu jhai bho

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