Nov 042014

After ‘Vheti’ and ‘Lafada’ producer Narayan Khatiwada’s third movie ‘Mero Manche’ is being shot in Chitwan. The shooting of the movie was inaugurated in the temple of Chitrasen Baba at Chitrasari. The movie being made under the banner of Chitrasen Baba Media is being directed by Raj Sargam.


An audio report of the event:

‘Mero Manche’ is debuting Deepak Dhakal in lead role. Deepak opposite Sagun Shahi was featured in ‘Dhuwani’. Other actors include Smita Thapaliya, Surbir Pandit, and Ganesh Upreti.

Talking in the event, the producer Khatiwada claimed that the movie will be a hit movie. The shooting of the movie is expected to be wrapped in 25 days.



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