Sep 202017

Gala Ratai singer Milan Amatya has ended her 6 years old married life recently. Milan Amatya and her husband Mention Amatya have given conflicting reasons of separation. They were living separately for the last six months and had processed the divorce application. The news was unveiled after they were officially separated.

Here is a video report on the incident.

Watch the full video

Who is Milan Amatya?

A very well known singer in the Nepali music industry, Milan Amatya, is one of the most busiest playback singers in Nepali movies. Some of the most popular songs of Milan include ‘Gala Ratai” and ‘Slowly Slowly’. After the success in playback singing, Milan Amatya has been in high demand in stage shows all over the world. While she travelled in different parts of the country and abroad, she couldn’t give time to the family. That is the reason she has quoted for the need to separate.

When Milan and her husband’s mother, couldn’t get along for long, she had been living separately for a while. For the last six months Milan and her husband were living separately. They had secretly filed the divorce application and the news was revealed after the application was approved at the District Court. There are various rumours but nothing can be confirmed for now. Although Milan has told that there is nobody else who had caused the separation, media report suspect another singer to be the cause. Time will certainly tell the true story.

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