Jul 062014

Although the date of the marriage of the actress Mithila Sharma to ex-IGP Motilal Bohora was kept a secret, the marriage was known before. The 50 plus actress has married 74 years old ex police officer. Mithila was never married and Motilal’s wife had died in 2069. More on the news in xnepali. Following video slideshow gives a glimpse of the marriage ceremony:

Another actress Sweta Khadka is also marrying Shree Krishna Shrestha on Monday, July 7. That is not all, actor Anup Baral and Diya Maskey are also marrying on the same day. Actress Sweta has already started the preparation of the marriage by wearing mehandi.

sweta-khadka-mehendi - marriage

sweta-khadka-mehendi -marriage starts

Sweta and Shree Krishna are marrying in the hotel they jointly own – Hotel Indreni in Gaushala. The marriage reception party will be held in the hotel on the evening of the same day.

The year 2071 had been a year of celebrity marriages.

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  1. […] Sweta had started the marriage preparation by decorating her hands with mehandi (photos in MovieNepal). […]

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