Mar 182010

Model Namrata Shrestha, who didn’t show up in public scenes following the release of her sex video-footage, is recently appointed ambassador of Nepal Ice Beach Cricket Festival 2010. ‘I’ll try my level best to make this event a success,” said Namrata, adding, ‘I was not excited earlier to be ambassador of the event but now I feel quite happy about it.’


Former Miss Nepal Malvika Subba is entrusted with the responsibility of promoting the event which is organized by Sangrila Cricket Academy on the bank of the Trishuli river at Kurintar from March 26 to April 17. Artists of Nepali film industry, various governmental and non-governmental organizations are participating in the event.

A team led by director-cum-hero Ashok Sharma with Rajesh Hamal, Nikhil Upreti, actress Rekha Thapa amon others is also all set to compete in the event.

The participating teams have said they are taking part in the cricket festival for promoting sports tourism rather than for medals as such. Each team will have a maximum of five players and play in 5 overs. Carribean pool party and Dj music are other attractions of the event.

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