Feb 062014

This week, three new Nepali movies ‘Mokshya’, ‘Mutu’, and ‘Jhola’ are going to release. All three movies have something special to go for.  ‘Mokshya’ is made on the story of the wheelchair-ridden director himself. ‘Jhola’ is made on a story by Krishna Dharabasi and liked by a lot of people. ‘Mutu’ is a comeback movie of Surya Bohara with new actors like Bimalesh Adhikari and Keki Adhikari.


mutu mokshya and jhola release

Biographical and musical movie ‘Mokshay’ has received positive responses after the premier show held a while earlier. Shows of ‘Jhola’ had also received similar appreciations. Now, it is time for the general public to determine which one they like most. ‘Mokshya’ features Koshis Chhetri and Benisha Hamal in main roles. ‘Jhola’ features Garima Pant in main role and ‘Mutu’ features Keki Adhikari, Bimalesh Adhikari, Mukesh Acharya in lead roles.

**Summary in Nepali**

यो हप्ता फेरी हलमा तीन नेपाली फिल्मको भिडन्त हुने भएको छ । निर्देशक प्रबीण श्रेष्ठको जीवनीमा आधारित कथामा बनेको ‘मोक्ष’, साहित्यकार कृष्ण धारावासीको कथा ‘झोला’मा बनेको सोही नामको फिल्म र पुराना फिल्मकर्मी सूर्य बोहराको नयाँ फिल्म ‘मुटु’को बीचमा हुने यो भिडन्त पनि चाखलाग्दो भएको छ । यी मध्ये ‘झोला’ र ‘मोक्ष’ प्रतिक्षा गरिएका र राम्रो भएको रिपोर्टहरु प्राप्त भएका छन् ।

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