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Liberal poses of actress Binita Baral, sexually oriented interviews of the actress, plagiarized poster, Nepal police’s objection to post the poster of the movies and adult certificate by the censor board were some of the controversies that had helped the movie in gaining some indirect publicity. The low budget movie (12 lakh in production and 27 lakhs including the cost of promotion) is set to recoup its investment in a couple days of it’s release.



In the beginning of the movie Bini (Binita Baral) and Amir run away from her home in Pokhara to get married in Kathmandu. The couple stayed in a house in Chapali Height, Kathmandu in Amir’s friend Raj’s home. The movie is centered in these three character and the location. The story seems like a fresh one with fantasy, thriller and romantic twists. But, story doesn’t seem to flow at times and unnecessary fill-ups make it boring.

Acting and direction

Chapali Height is the debut movie for all three actors and it clearly shows in the movie. The acting is not realistic and dialogue delivery doesn’t seem natural.

Failure of the actors to act properly can be attributed to the failure of the director, Dipendra K. Khanal, to make them act. Unrealistic presentation, dialogue, and dialogue delivery can be attributed to the failure of director.


The song and lyrics are good. The first half, although being slow, might be binding for it’s sexual content and the second half binds by thriller aspect of the movie. Technically, the movie can not be considered a good one. There are some good aspects like story, music, and cinematography but, the presentation by the actors is not satisfactory.

One can’t deny that the first half of the movie is unnecessarily lengthened and it feels dragging along. For example, the encounter with gangsters when driving from Pokhara to Kathmandu doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t relate to anything in the movie.

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