Mar 222012

This week, two movies are going to be released – "My Life" and "Dilma Sajaya Timilai". Both of the release of March 23, 2012 are made on love story.



Produced by Biswas Ghale, ‘My Life’ features Jharana Thapa, Suraj RD, Sneha Sharma, Ayub KC, Milan Shankar etc. in leading roles. The movie is directed by Jiwan Rasaili and is made in a budget of 50 lakh. Although he has directed a number of music video, this is his debut direction of a feature film.

Directed by Raju Adhikari, ‘Dilma Sajaya Timilai’ features Amir Gautam, Ayush Rijal and Yuna Upreti in leading roles.

**Summary in Nepali**

यो हप्ता ‘माइ लाइफ’ र ‘दिलमा सजाएँ तिमीलाई’ दुइ ओटा फिल्म रिलिज हुदै छन् । विश्वास घलेको  निर्माण र जीवन रसाइलीको निर्देशनमा बनेको ‘माइ लाइफ’मा झरना थापा, सुरज आरडी, अयुव केसी,  स्नेहा शर्मा आदिको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ ।


तेस्तै राजु अधिकारीको निर्देशनमा बनेको ‘दिलमा सजाएँ तिमीलाई’ मा आमिर गौतम, आयुष रिजाल र युना उप्रेतीको मुख्य भूमिका रहेको छ छ ।

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  1. I am waiting to watch this movie………..I think this movie will be good

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