Jun 202010

namrata_shrestha (4) To her fans’ excitement, actress and model, Namrata Shrestha, has made a comeback to Nepalese film industry, after a long hiatus following her controversial sex video footage.


Shortly after the release of her second film "Mero Euta Sathi Chha" the scandal surfaced and she was forced to stay out of lime-light for some time. Lately, Namrata has signed to play a lead role in a film being produced by Prabhu Shamsher Rana.

In an interaction, she told that she has received a good sum of Rs. 5 lakhs, breaking the price-rate offered to her male counterparts.

"I will ever remain active in this field; I’m in no mood to disappoint my dear viewers," stated Namrata who has experience of an anchor as well.

Likewise, to the astonishment of many, Namrata has tried her luck as a hoteliar. She is running a restaurant at Lazimpat of the capital that serves a wide variety of food items in a peaceful and musical environment. The beauty of the restaurant also lies in the fact that Musical programs are organized every Wednesday and Friday keeping in view the customers’ love for music.

Many a celebrity who are seen here on special occasions like New Year, Christmas, Holi etc., have also chosen it as their favorite spot to satisfy their food-appetite and entertainment.

"This is a new experience for me; My new endeavor is more for extending public relations than for monetary reasons," said the sizzling lady remembering her decision to enter the hotel business in collaboration with her friend Reman a year ago.

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  13 Responses to “Namrata plans to surprise audience in a new appearance”

  1. namrata what is ur next sex filim?

  2. i am great fan of your namrata. i was so socked when i knew that film. i was surprise.

  3. Hi,namrata how you doing these days hope you are free and try to comes backs with greats hits.people are saying anythings but you have listen your hearts and do the same things what you wants.you are the best of all thats the facts they all are jeaulous.Namrata i want to see you in the sky higher then the others because no 1can touch you like you see in bollywood katrina is the best.Angelina in hollywood same way in nepal only Namrata,when you do that thats day my dreams comes true because of you.Don,t looks backyard past is past things will happens and gone thinks about future.My best models,actress what ever none other then Namrata and I like her in everyroles what she played.Best of lucks and show the worlds in yours hands.bye alota of Love 2you.

  4. hy namrata sis don’t loose any hope…………….

  5. i love you namrata

  6. Hi, Namrata dijyu, Maya bazin dijyu ko jasto USA gayara dam kamaune film banaunu la?

  7. मलाई सारै मन परो i love you

  8. You the gorgoues girl in word I like you love you

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  11. hello namrata ji hajur malai man par6.

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