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In an effort to help the critically ill singer Kumar Kancha who is in desperate need of money for his treatment, actress Namrata Shrestha organized a concert on December 18, 2010. She has collected Rs. 380,000 from the concert and after deducting the cost, she deposited a sum of Rs. 328,000 in Kancha’s bank account.


We praise and congratulate Namrata in the noble work and being successful in collecting the largest donation for Kumar Kancha till date.

Anybody wishing to donate for the treatment of the singer can deposit their donation in his bank account in SBI bank Durbarmarg, Kathmandu. Account details:

Name : Kumar Shahi
Account Number – 17715241400937

नम्रता श्रेष्ठको अग्रसरतामा पौष ३ गते आयोजना गरिएको कन्सर्टबाट संकलन भएको रकम मध्ये, खर्च कटाएर, रु ३ लाख २८ हजार रकम कुमार कान्छा को उपचारको लागि खर्च हुने भएको छ | नम्रता श्रेष्ठले पौष २१ गते बुधबार रु ३ लाख ७ हजार कुमार कान्छाको खातामा जम्मा गरेकी छन् भने बाँकी २१ हजार संगीतकार आलोक श्रीले केही दिनमै कान्छाको खातामा जम्मा गरिदिने नम्रताले बताइन ।

नम्रता को यो सहयोग कान्छाको लागि अहिलेसम्मकै सबै भन्दा ठुलो हो । यदी तपाइँ पनि उनको सहयोग गर्न चाहानुहुन्छ भने आफ्नो सहयोग रकम कुमार कान्छाको दरबारमार्ग स्थित एसबिआई बैकको खातामा जम्मा गर्न सक्नुहुन्छ ।

नाम : कुमार शाही
खाता नम्बर : १७७१५२४१४००९३७

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  1. […] the world. Famous Nepali actress Namrata Shrestha organized a concert for the fundraise, raising record breaking amount of about Rs. 300,000. All the attempts were praiseworthy but, it is very sad that, these attempts […]

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