Mar 022016

Highlights of this interview:

  • This interview is about their upcoming movie ‘Fulai Fulko Mausam Timilai’.
  • In this interview they show their love to each other.
  • They even kiss eath other and show to the audiences how much they love each other.
  • Aamesh talks about how they meet in childhood and play.
  • Aamesh talks about the time they are young and how they met and how they fell in love.
  • Neeta explains her feeling on how she fells in living with Aamesh. She told, she took 5 days to respond to Aamesh’s proposal for the first time.
  • Aamesh and Neeta share their thoughts about the life after marriage.
  • Neeta and Aamesh share what they did in the Valentine Day, this year.
  • Aamesh says he likes Neeta’s eyes the most, and she looks better without makeup.


Watch the full video

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