Apr 052010

According to the relationship status, some of the actors and actress are listed below:

We will try to update the post as often as possible.


Note: This list is the most volatile one – many get married as the time passes and I am sure this list can’t get complete- We will put the update date here – current date is April 5, 2010 ):

  • Mithila Sharma
  • Rajesh Hamal (Has recently told he is has a girlfriend to marry
  • Shri Krishna Shrestha
  • Dipa Shree Niraula
  • Niruta Singh
  • Usha Poudel
  • Rejina Upreti

Polygamist (most of them can also fit in the “Divorced” list)

Divorced (not married again till date):

  • Mausami Malla (Divorced two times)
  • Gauri Malla
  • Pooja Chand (got married to Raju Lama in US)
  • Aakash Shah …. etc

Artists having foreign spouse

  • C. P. Lohani
  • Saranga Shrestha (divorced and married a Nepali in Feb, 2013)
  • Bipana Thapa
  • Rupa Rana
  • Aakash Adhikari

List compiled from an article in Nepal weekly, photo source – wantabetravelin.wordpress.com

  2 Responses to “Nepali Actors and their relationship status”

  1. priya rijal is married to business man (sudhir suwal )who live’s in usa florida. they were married 2008.

  2. Pooja Chand has recently moved from “Divorced” list to Polygamist after marrying Raju Lama

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