Nov 142012

Deusi and Bhailo is one of the most important part of Tihar festival. Bhailo is traditionally played by girls, going door-to-door asking for gifts on Deepawali night. Bhailo is played by boys (and girls can also join) on the next day. Following statements of Nepali actors and actresses talking about the Tihar tradition are collected from various sources.


Actress Namrata Shrestha told that she doesn’t usually go for Deusi and Bhailo. Although she doesn’t like going door-to-door, she likes the tradition and enjoys it fully.


It has been third year actress Keki Adhikari hasn’t played Deusi. She had been really busy in film that she couldn’t find time to participate in one of such groups. When she used to go for Deusi, Keki used to dance and they later used to go to a picnic to spend the money they collected during the festival.

Another actress Binita Baral is currently in Malaysia, so she won’t be enjoying the Deusi Bhailo back home. Like Keki, Binita also hadn’t been able to participate in such events for the last three years.

Actress Reema Bishowkarma hadn’t participated in Deusi programs for some time in past years. So, she has a plan to participate in a Deusi group this year.

Actress Rekha Thapa also hasn’t participated in any Deusi program after she became an actress. Although she doesn’t participate in one, she enjoys serving Deusi Bhailo groups in her home.


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