Mar 172012
Movie Review - Chapali Height

Background Liberal poses of actress Binita Baral, sexually oriented interviews of the actress, plagiarized poster, Nepal police’s objection to post the poster of the movies and adult certificate by the censor board were some of the controversies that had helped the movie in gaining some indirect publicity. The low budget movie (12 lakh in production [...]

Sep 132011
Chapali Heights - a movie for Adult audience

Chapali Heights, an upcoming movie featuring Amir Gautam, Raj Ghimire and Binita Baral is told to be full of sex scenes and kiss scenes. The Ashma Film’s presentation is told to be filled with love, suspense, thriller and shot in the Chapali Height area in Kathmandu. 10 Photos of Binita Baral  from Chapali Height The [...]

Apr 012010
A Movie on Bhaktaraj Acharya's life

A Nepali film based on the life story of a senior singer and musician Bhaktaraj Acharya is underway at Prasant Rasailee’s direction. Satyaraj Acharya, the eldest son of Bhaktaraj, is playing the hero, Bhaktaraj, of the film. Because Satyaraj bears similar facial features to his father and knows a lot about his father, he has [...]