Sep 252017

Mero Paisa Khoi The movie is produced by Rose Rana and directed by Rana himself. Initially, the movie was directed by an Indian director. But, as the shooting progressed, the director and the producer had misunderstanding and the director left erasing all the shooting clips of the movie. As the script was kept secret by the director, Rose and the team re-wrote the script and the story and produced it. The movie is releasing on the same date at ‘Chhakka Panja 2’. Another movie, ‘Mangalam’ was also going to release on the date but, after negotiation with Deepak Raj Giri and the team, the producer of ‘Mangalam’, Chhabi Raj Ojha agreed to delay its release.

Singer: Pramod Kharel/Melina Rai
Lyrics: Dayaram Pandey

Watch the full movie song

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