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That was in August, 2008 when Nikhil told that he looks up to his wife in thick and thin while answering some short questions. Now, fast forward one and a half year, he has run away from his wife and is living with Sanchita Luitel in Mumbai. Nikhil Upreti is (might be ‘was’ soon) one of the most talented and popular actors of the Nepali film industry. Nikhil takes martial arts seriously, cracks up a joke now and then, and he sure is a cool guy to talk to.

nikhil dance

In a latest news, Nikhil was spotted in Jhapa and is told to be on his way to Kathmandu to finish one of his movies.

Let’s go back to 2008 and read the question-answer published in enews on August 13, 2008.

1.The film you acted you will remember even when you are 70?
Answer: Pinjada

2.A song you like these days?
Answer: Nishana (title song)

3.One movie you want to see in recent days?
Answer: Kung Fu Panda

4.The cartoon you admire the most?
Answer: Tom and Jerry

5.One thing you want to do/do when you get angry?
Answer: Punch 🙂

6.A word that you use the most while speaking?
Answer: Ah…

7.Your cell phone company and model is:
Answer: Chinese Hawai “Model No. chhaina” 😉

8.Acting is:
Answer: Copy of reality

9.What is your ideal holiday destination?
Answer: Jomosm

10.Last time you went to college on?
Answer: “Nishana ko shooting ma”

11.Being stuck in a jam is:
Answer: Irritating

12.One person you look up to in thick and thin?
Answer: My Wife

13.One director you like working with?
Answer: John Woo “MI2 Ko”

14.One actress you are not easy sharing the screen space/frame with?
Answer: “Tyesko naam nai lina chahanna”

15.A music director you like listening to?
Answer: R.D. Burman

16.The Beijing Olympics is :
Answer: “Najik ko Olympics” (laughs)

17.Who should lead the new government in Nepal?
Answer: Maoists

18.One word on the current fuel shortage.
Answer: Government Negligence

19.Your favorite Sport
Answer: Gymnastics

20.The car you are driving now a days is:
Answer: Daihatsu Terious

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