Nov 192010

nisah-adhikari Actress Nisha Adhikari is appointed the brand ambassador of Shape Up, a premier slimming centre in Kathmandu. The health club is a recently opened to help women lose weight by the Chinese acupressure therapy coupled with electro therapy. Lima Acharya Adhikari, the managing director at Shape Up, says that these methods are done by the use of advanced equipment used in different parts of the body.


The health club is a women-only club to help women shed weight and make their body attractive.

‘सेप अप’ नामक राजधानीमा हालै खुलेको एउटा प्रिमियर स्लिमिङ क्लवले  अभिनेत्री  निशा अधिकारी लाइ ब्रान्ड एम्बेसडर बनाएको छ | महिलाले मात्र प्रवेश पाउने सो क्लबले पातलो, आकर्षक, स्वस्थ र छरितो शरीरलाई आफ्नो लक्ष्य बनाएको छ।

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