Jan 312013

Well known actress Nisha Adhikari has started an organization named Yuva Udan to start social work. In a press conference organized in Reporters Club Nisha told that the organization will help Nepali by the help of other Nepali.

nisha adhikari __

Nisha is considered one of the actresses with potential in Nepali movie industry.

Talking in the program Nisha told that she has planned to handover pens and excercise books on Saraswoti Pooja. She also told that unlike other organizations, her organization will not receive funding from other NGOs and INGOs.

In the past, Nisha had collected warm clothes for the cold-wave victims of Rautahat. The event had motivated her to form the organization.

I wish Nisha all the best in her social work.


Profile of Nisha Adhikari in Nepaliactress.com

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