Aug 112011

The Nepal Government’s ban on smoking in public places has come in effect last week. The government stepped one more step ahead in anti-smoking campaign by banning smoking scenes in movies. If such a law is implemented movies on the chain-smoker poet, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, can’t be made.

priyanka_chopra_cig Banning smoking in public places does make sense, but banning in movies is awkward and impractical. Instead of banning smoking they can categorize movies and ban smoking in some categories like movies for children and youth shouldn’t have smoking scenes.

In similar manner, Indian Government had banned smoking in movies in 2005. But, after protest from various actors, directors, and producers the High Court of India to un-banned smoking scenes in Indian movies in 2009. Now, smoking scenes are permitted in Bollywood movies, after showing smoking awareness message in the movie.


The Chinese Government on the other hand has recently announced “ban inappropriate smoking scenes in movies and TV shows”.

Even without banning, some Indian actresses like Bipasha Basu and Anushka Sharma don’t smoke in movies, even if the character demand smoking.

Although the officials in the Censor Board have told about making it look like the ban in India, they are given the authority to censor a movie based on smoking scenes “for commercial purpose”.

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