Jun 162014

In Online Filmy Khabar Awards 2071 late director Shiva Regmi was awarded with after-death Lifetime Achievement award. Regmi’s wife was present in the ceremony to receive the award.


Video of handover of Lifetime Achievement award and honor to Shiva Regmi by comedy duo Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari Bansha Acharya:

The details on the winners of OFA 2071 is available in xnepali. Here is the video of the ceremony:

In the program conducted by Jiwan Luitel and Reema Bishowkarma, various artists had perfumed cultural programs.  One of the most popular program was a comedy interview of Sitaram Kattel (Khadkaji). Watch the video:

Some highlights of the cultural program:

ofa 2071 film award  (2)

ofa 2071 film award  (3)

ofa 2071 film award  (4)

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