Jun 272014

A program of gossip and information on the Nepali film industry, ‘Off The Record’ comes in Himalayan TV every Friday by the host Sunil.

rajesh hamal special off the record

Highlights of this program is focused on Rajesh Hamal:

  • Details of actor and his success.
  • Hamal has worked in 400 films in 25 years. A report looks back on his film career and the present.
  • List of films that didn’t feature Rajesh Hamal in posters.
  • Rajesh Hamal marriage to Madhu Bhattarai.

How Rajesh went into the shadow:

  • The rise of Nikhil Upreti, Rajesh went into shadow. Rajesh is still the superstar and Nikhil is forgotten after he married Sanchita Luitel.
  • Biraj Bhatt also kept Rajesh in shadow for a while. Biraj Bhatt moves to Bhojpuri movies.

Watch the full episode:

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