Nov 302011

Upcoming movie "Plan" has repeatedly been involved in various controversies. Recently Samrat Sapkota, the owner of the camera used to shoot the movie has complained the censor board that the producers of the movie haven’t paid the rental cost of the camera. Sapkota told that he has only received Rs. 50,000 and the producers haven’t given him the remaining amount.


Although the director of Plan, Shovit Basnet wanted to pay Rs. 100,000 and settle the issue between them, Sapkota was not willing to settle below the full amount.

The debut movie of Ragini Khadgi, the daughter of fight director Rajendra Khadgi, had been dragged into controversy for at least three times earlier. We hope there won’t be more problem with the movie in the future. Plan controversies include:

  • Hard disk crash – Some scenes had to be re-shoot due to the loss of video data.
  • DJ Tantrik , the Namrata Shrestha,  fame musician complained the producers when they kept the name as DJ Tantrik, not the real name, Kicha Man Tamrakar
  • When dubbing of the movie was delayed due to absence of Shovit Basnet, the producer Kabita Shrestha did the dubbing herself. But, Shovit got mad at the producer encroaching his field. He deleted all the dubbing and did it again.

Let’s hope the list won’t grow bigger before the movie gets released.

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