Mar 242011

Poojana Pradhan (Poojana Stri), the actress/model,  actually is a Gurung by birth not Pradhan. But she choose to take the last name of her mother to call herself Pradhan. After she converted herself into a Jayasangat practitioner, she is no more Pojaana Pradhan but Poojana Stri.

Poojana’s mother is Uma Pradhan and father is Khadga Bahadur Gurung. But, her parents divorced when she was a kid. Her dad married another woman so she started living with her mom.  As she was living with a Pradhan mom, it never came to her that she has to write Gurung as her last name.

However, on her citizenship and passport, she is still a Gurung. Poojana’s real name is also Puja, and she lengthened it in the starting days of her modeling career. She claims that the new name was made by numerological analysis.

Don’t be surprised if you met a Poojana Pradhan and she turned out to be a Pooja Gurung in her real identity.

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