Nov 212012

In an upcoming movie of director Dipendra K. Khanal, ‘Jholey’, actress Priyanka Karki is going to be features as a prostitute. It seems, Priyanka is taking the role very seriously and is doing research on real prostitutes to perform the roles. Priyanka is meeting prostitutes in message bars in Thamel area to know how they behave and treat their customers.



Priyanka has recently completed shooting of her upcomgin movie about struggling actress in nepali movie industry, ‘Kollywood’.

‘Jhole’ is made on a story of a girl during Maoist janakranti who was forced to become a prostitute. Although the topic is serious, the director Khanal will give it a comedian twist. With Priyanka, Subash Thapa, Shishir Rana will also have main roles in the movie.

***Summary in Nepali***

‘झोले’ फिल्मको तयारीको लागि प्रियंका कार्की आजकाल बेस्याको खोजीमा छिन रे । आफुले निभाउने बेस्याको रोललाइ अझ जीवन्त बनाउनको लागि प्रियंका आजकाल ठमेल तिरका मसाज पार्लर धाउन थालेकी हुन । निर्देशक दिपेन्द्र के. खनालको निर्देशनमा बन्ने ‘झोले’मा द्वन्दकालिन अबस्थामा एक नारी कसरी बेस्या बन्न पर्ने बाध्य हुन्छिन भन्ने देखाईने निर्देशक बताउछन ।

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