Hari Bansha Acharya


hari-bamsha-acharyaHari Bamsha Acharya was born to father Homanjaya Acharya and mother Ganesh Kumari on Kartik 27, 2014 BS (October 9, 1958) in Gairidhara, Kathmandu. He married Meera Acharya in 2040 BS. With Meera he has two sons Trilok Acharya and Mohit Acharya. After the death of Meera Acharya because of a stroke on April 20, 2011 he remarried Ramila Pathak in 2012. Meera was suffering from heart disease for a long time and her death caused Hari Bansha to mourn for a long time. Because of the depression in Hari Bansha, his sons make the arrangement of the second marriage to the widowed woman, Ramila.

Hari Bansha is an expert in caricature. He had performed in radio with Hari Prasad Rimal and Jitendra Mahat Avilashi in 2031 BS. He joined Rastriya Naach Ghar in 2032 and participated in Gaijatra Mahotsav in 2034 BS. Before performing with Madan Krishna Shrestha, he had struggled to established himself as an artist for 6 years.

Creations: Theater Program

  1. Yamlok
  2. Paralysis
  3. Anshabandha
  4. Cockfight
  5. Raddi Tokari
  6. Sapath Grahan
  7. Aina
  8. Bigyapan (Record breaking drama in Nepal)
  9. London Airport
  10. Woda Number 34
  11. Rastriya Gaun Khane Katha Pratiyogita
  12. Shraddh
  13. Picnic
  14. Abhibhawak
  15. Sangeet
  16. Remote Control
  17. Nepal Bandha
  18. Wrong Number
  19. Prasna Uttar
  20. Dohori Geet
  21. Geetai Geet
  22. Kaukuti
  23. Nata
  24. “205”
  25. Bose Aandrai Bhundiko
  26. Hoste Hainse
  27. Saalik (The Statue) 2000
  28. MaHa Dohari 2003
  29. Dwitiya Raastriya Gaaun Khaane Pratiyogita 2004, etc.
  30. Abhinandan
  31. Remix Shraddh
  32. Maha Dohari-2

TV Program

  1. Fifty- Fifty (Produced for NTV)
  2. Santati (Produced for Reukai)
  3. 216777 (Produced for NTV)
  4. Bhakunde Bhoot (Produced for NTV)
  5. Pandra Gate (Produced for NTV)
  6. Dashain (Produced for NTV)
  7. Chiranjivi (Produced for JICA)
  8. Raat (Produced for UNDP)
  9. Banpale (Produced for King Mahendra Natural Conservation Trust)
  10. Sur Besur (Produced for MaHa Sanchar)
  11. Ohho! (Produced for BBC and HMG/Nepal)
  12. Kantipur (Produced for Kathmandu Metropolitan City)
  13. Rajmarg (Produced for Community Health Program)
  14. Pani (Produced for Nepal Jaycees)
  15. Kalajar (Produced for CECI)
  16. Ashal Logne (Produced for NFHP)
  17. Laxmi (Produced for Nepal Rastra Bank)
  18. Laal Purja (Produced for MaHa Sanchar)
  19. Tike ko Tin Mantra ( About condom).
  20. Shristee (Produced for Plan Nepal. About birth registration).
  21. Jalpareee (Produced for ENFO. About rainwater harvesting).
  22. Virus (Produced for FNCCI.- About anticorruption).
  23. MaHa Chautari (About different conflicts of Nepal).
  24. Left right left(Produced for FHI)
  25. Madan bahadur Hari bahadur( Produced by Maha sanchar)(program on informing pelpe about the constituenal assembly )

Radio Program

  1. Vitamin A Program
  2. Girls Education – GTZ
  3. Leprosy – BBC
  4. Chhu Mantar – BBS
  5. Mechi Mahakali Express – BBC
  6. Rukh Baaje Suga Nati – UNICEF
  7. MaHa Adala / MaHa Chautari in coordination with Antenna Nepal


  1. Mahasan — published by Sajha Prakashan
  2. Neparujinno Kurasito Seuji(Social and Poltical Life of Nepal)
  3. China Harayako Manche (autobiography published in 2013)


  1. NHK of Japan prepared documentary film on MaHa.

Positions Held:

  1. Ambassdor, UN World Food Program Nepal
  2. Chairman,Animal Treatment Centre,Kathmandu
  3. Founder,Jana Andolan Health Relief Fund(Established during 2nd Peoples Movement in 2062-2063 BS)
  4. Executive Director,MaHa Sanchar,kathmandu
  5. Vice President,Kathmandu Model Hospital(PHECT)
  6. Honorary Life Member,Nepal Association of Victoria Sydney,Austrlia(20-6-1998)
  7. Honorary Member,Nepal Film Artist National Association
  8. Founder Board Member,Tilganga Eye Centre,Kathmandu
  9. Board Member, Spinal Injury Organisation,Kathmandu
  10. Board Member,CampionAssociates,Kathmandu
  11. Member, Rotary club of Tripureshwor,Kathmandu
  12. Member, Nepal Russia Friendship Sociaty, Kathmandu
  13. Member, Nepal Music Association,Kathmandu

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  1. March 3, 2014 , Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    I’m a fan of MaHa jodi for /due to their constructive contributions. Today I wanted to congratulate to Haribansa jyu for being the ‘man of the year 2070’. In the mean time , may I ask you to convey my same congratulation to esteemed actress & social activist Rekha Thapa for being the ‘woman of the year 2070’- as I don’t have her contact e-mail address.

    Now onthe different note : Re the book ‘China harayeko manchhe’- which I went thro dated July 2013- and found it v. hearty & touchy. May I suggest one MISTAKE/TYPO on page 257, 8 th line from the bottom the word : printed -“Befurshadi” but needs to be “Furshadi”- persumably.

    Pls convey my rgds to Madan jyu who happens to be my ‘mijju’ if to abberviate our acronym : ‘MK’.

    I’d appreciate your feed back at your earliest convenience.

    Yours well wisher

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