Nov 072012

Actress Ragini Khadgi is shooting a item dance in her upcoming movie ‘Nothing Impossible’. In the home production movie, Ragini is involved in more than acting, as an assistant director to her father Rajendra Khadgi.

ragini_khadgi_item_dance_shooting (4)

Ragini Khadgi dances while her father, Rajendra Khadgi (with photo camera), takes picture

In a few photos Ragini posted in her Facebook profile, she is seen busy in various aspects like preparing script and giving claps while her father helps her all the time. The movie titled ‘Nothing Impossible’ is being shot in various parts of Pokhara these days.

The daughter of the noted fight director Rajendra Khadgi has yet to give a hit movie but, by the way she is working, she seem to be all prepared to get established in Nepali movie industry. (Photo credit – Ragini Khadgi)

ragini_khadgi_item_dance_shooting (1)

ragini_khadgi_item_dance_shooting (2)

ragini_khadgi_item_dance_shooting (3)

ragini_khadgi_mission impossible


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  One Response to “Ragini Khadgi does an item dance in ‘Nothing Impossible’”

  1. Kasta Director/writer holaa Naam rakheko taal pani.
    hunu parne…
    naam sundai flop huncha…bhanera bhanna sakincha..

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