Jun 252014

Actor and his wife Madhu Bhattarai have flown to Pokhara for the honeymoon on Tuesday, almost after a month of their marriage in May. Right after the marriage, Rajesh went on a tour in Australia. On his way back he also stopped in Singapore for a couple of days.

Back in Kathmandu after resting at home for a couple of days, the couple went on their honeymoon. Rajesh Hamal has shared a selfie of the couple on the airplane on way to Pokhara terming it the ‘first selfie with Madhu’.

During the marriage both Rajesh and Madhu had told that they will keep the honeymoon location a secret (watch the video below at 1:10). But, Rajesh himself shared the information about their visit to Pokhara. They however haven’t disclosed the place they are staying in Pokhara.

Looking at one of the photos of Rajesh and Madhu beside a swimming pool and Phewa Tal on the background, people can easily guess the place they might be living in. If you can identify the place by looking at the following photo please tell the name in the comment.

rajesh hamala nd madhu bhattarai - pokhara phewa tal

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