Oct 072012

It is nothing new, Rajesh Hamal has a girlfriend and he is planning to marry her. But, it seems, he feels very unsecured in the relationship. Time and again he says that the marriage will only occur if the girlfriend agrees.



Nobody knows the girlfriend. Although some have suspected that the girlfriend is named Madhu Bhattarai but, there is no evidence to prove the truth in the rumor. There was a news about Rajesh Hamal going to the US this year with his girl friend. But, so far we have no information about the tour.

Rajesh in music video:

recently did a dohori music video with actress Reema Bishowkarma. This is the first time he has done a dohori song. He has already done patriotic song, modern song, movie songs and now a dohori song. His next desire is to do a pop song music video.

Moviesnepal’s goodluck to Rajesh Hamal’s desire to get married soon and his desire to act in a pop song music video.


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