Mar 182010

Director-cum-producer Ukesh Dahal is all set to feature the superstar of Nepali film industry Rajesh Hamal in ‘Kina Kina’ as a sexy icon who will brush a naked painting of an actress in a dream in the film. After experimenting with glamorous scenes in his former film ‘Palpalma’, Ukesh is tempted to repeat the same with a bachelor actor Rajesh Hamal.

When asked about not being entangled in a sacred knot of marriage in interviews, Rajesh would answer saying ‘Despite old age, my heart and soul is still young.’

Rajesh Hamal

The storyline of the film moves around the theme of the very statement by Rajesh, said Director. Though actress appears in her appealing naked form in Rajesh’s fantasy world, audience will, however, see it on the screen in reality. Will such an actress be available in Nepali film industry? Director Ukesh says he is sure enough to find one soon.

Earlier, Ukesh presented ‘Palpal’ based on the story of a male sex-worker with innumerable sensuous scenes. He is a determined soul to experiment more in his upcoming film. Actress Karishma Manandhar, actor Deelip Rayamajhi, and Suman Singh including Rajesh have been chosen for the project so far. The search for a daring actress to pose naked is still on.

Update: watch ‘Kina Kina’ in full in xnepali.

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