Mar 182010

Actress Rejina Upreti moved her slender body to the song ‘Aajbholi Mayalu Roje Jastai Painchha’ during filming on a well-decorated stage amidst some villains at Buddhanilkantha in the capital. She rocked the stage in red glamorous dress-up with her mind-blowing dance together with actor Shankar Acharya. Black hair left loose, beautified eyes, and glossing lips added to her sexy appearance charming those around her.

rejina_upreti_ (9)

The shot was being taken in a semi-dark room that produced a romantic atmosphere. Dance director Krishna Achhami was seen busy instructing the dance crew to capture the best performance. “Ops ! I’m dog-tired now,” sighed Rejina while taking rest for a while after a continuous performance.

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