Apr 072016

Highlights of this interview:

  • Rekha Thapa explains why she choose her son, Avash Adhikari, to be featured in ‘Rampyari’.
  • Avash Adhikari explains why he feels lucky to debut in Rekha Films banner.
  • Avash tells that the reel life of Rekha Thapa is totally different from the real life.
  • Rekha believes Avash is a very good actor and says that she is proud of him.
  • Both Rekha and Avash show a short sample of their roles in the movie ‘Rampyari’.
  • Rekha believes Avash has everything to be successful. He has good looks, good dancing skills and acting. Rekha thinks, his acting is the best.
  • Avash says he is learning acting and he is going to learn dancing. Working out in gym is also in his to do list.


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