Nov 302010

rekha-interview In the interview posted below, the interviewer, Samjhana Gaire, said more than once – "It has been Centuries since the end of Rana rule."


Rana were ruling Nepal up to BS 2007 and it is only BS 2067 now. That makes 60 years since Rana rule was abolished – that sure is not centuries, it’s not even a century.

This interview is related to Rekha’s fifth movie "Kasle Choryo Mero Man". (Video credits – dcnepal)

अन्तरबार्ता लिदा सम्झना गैरेले दुई चोटी "नेपालमा राणा शाशनको अन्त्य भएको शताब्दीयौ बिते पछि …" भनेको चै चित्त बुझेन | राणा शाशनको अन्त्य भएको त भर्खर ६० बर्ष भएको छ | साधारण कुरा मा पनि अलि ध्यान दिन सके अलि राम्रो होला |

Part 1

Part 2

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