Mar 092012

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa tries to prove that she is fearless whenever situation permits. She had shown that she is not afraid by bungee jumping last time. This time, she did paragliding in Pokhara.



Rekha was returning from Jomsom after finishing a shooting of her upcoming movie there. In paragliding she flew to a height of 2,000 m above ground. Rekha told that she was a bit nervous when she started her jump from Sarangkot. But, after a while the beautiful scenery helped her forget the nervousness. She had heard that paragliding is very scary. Her experience however was opposite to what she heard. Rekha says it is entertaining and fun sport.  (Photo credit – Rekha Thapa)

**Summary in Nepali**

नेपाली सिनेमा सहाशिक नायिका भनेर चिनाउन मन पराउने नायिका रेखा थापाले बिगतमा बन्जी जम्प गरेर आफ्नो साहशको प्रदर्शन त गराइसकेकी छिन् । हालै जोमसोङबाट सुटिङ सकेर फर्कदा पोखरामा २ हजार मिटर भन्दा माथिको उचाईमा आकाशमा उड्दा पनि खासै डर नलागेको रेखाले बताउदै थिइन ।

उनले पोखारामा संचालित प्याराग्लाइडिङमा सयर गरेर ठूलो उचाईबाट पोखराको मनोरम दृश्य अवलोकन गर्दा खुबी रमाइलो लागेको बताइन। 

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