Mar 142012

We know what we want actress Rekha Thapa to be featured in movies. But, how about the actress herself? What roles does she want to play?



We thought it was a good idea of FilmNepal.NET that has featured various photos of actress in different roles. We have added some more in the list and reproduce other with their permission. 

Among these roles, Rekha told that she prefers roles in love stories and likes to play role of lover girl. She also told that she likes to be featured as a teenager (we think, that is too much for a 30 year-old actress).

What she dislike are roles of housewife, action girl, cry baby, and a matured woman.

Here are some photos of Rekha in various roles:


Rekha as a police officer.


Rekha as an item dancer.


Rekha as a housewife.


Rekha as a lover girl.


Rekha in saree


Rekha in action role.


Rekha as a village woman.


Rekha as a teenager.

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  1. Wow…nice looking….

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