Apr 132010

After marrying a film director, actress Richa Ghimire is working on her dream project, a movie named ‘Tulshi’.


She has already signed Nikhil Upreti as the lead actor and she is in search of more actors in the movie. Richa and her husband Shankar Ghimire, were also looking for another actor in the lead role. After mulling over Aryan Sigdel, Niraj Baral, and Jeewan Luitel they finally decided to sign in Bimalesh, an new face in big screen to lead the movie.

Bimalesh has acted in advertisements and few popular music videos. The movie, Tulshi, will be directing by Richa’s husband Shankar Ghimire. Music is being composed by Ranjit Gazmer, who has started working in movies after a long gap.

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