Oct 192011

One of the senior directors of Nepali movie industry, Deepak Rayamajhi, has died today (or, yesterday as it was already 12:30 AM, October 18, 2011)  due to heart failure. Deepak started his directing journey in 2045BS by directing the movie “Bhagya Rekha“. He was one of the few personalities in Nepali movie industry with an advance degree in film making. He had received a post graduate degree in film direction from Russia.


Rayamajhi had directed a number of successful movies like “Yug dekhi Yug Samma“, “Kasam“, “Pryasi“, and “Parai Ghar“. Three more of his movies, yet to be released, are “Destination Kathmandu“, “Love story 2066“, and “Chadai Aau Hai“.

Rayamajhi has left his wife and two daughters. The youngest daughter was going to be married next month. Deepak’s was addicted to excessive alcohol is suspected to be the cause of his untimely death.

Deepak Rayamajhi is the son of an ex-minister, Keshar Jung Rayamajhi and maternal uncle of Mahanayak . Rajesh Hamal started his acting career by acting in Deepak’s “Yug dekhi Yug Samma“.

Moviesnepal.com team would like to offer heartily condolence to the family and friends of Deepak Rayamajhi and wish the departed soul rest in peace.

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