May 272010

Rubi_rana_shah_first-miss-nepal The first Miss Nepal talks about her personal preferences and a summary was published in Nagariknews.

I do: Beauty parlor, ticketing, and house works

I don’t : Cheat others

I like: Set aside one hour for myself, cook food.

I don’t like: Not speaking the truth

I eat: simple Nepali food

I don’t eat: beef

I go to: specially Pokhara

I won’t go: Hell

I like to see: kid’s homework

I don’t like to see: tele-serials

I have enough: foods that increase weight

I don’t have enough: money

I laugh: at jokes

I get angry: when I see people who don’t tell the truth

I listen to: All types of songs and FM

I don’t listen to: Other’s gossips and political speech

I read: magazine and newspapers

I don’t read: The schedule of the program I am planning to do the next day

Incoming search terms:

  • 1st miss nepal video

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