Aug 312012

Nepali movie industry is full of rumor of affair between the ‘Blackmail’ couple actor Jiwan Luitel and Sweta Bhattarai. It is also rumored that Jiwan recommended Sweta in their upcoming movie ‘Rhythm’.


Jiwan and Sweta are often seen together in formal and non-formal programs. When asked, Jiwan told that it is normal to be together with his co-worker and they don’t have any intimate relationship.

Similarly, Sweta also told that they have different tracks and apart from friendship they don’t have anything else in between them. Sweta says that she respect Jiwan as he is senior to her. Sweta thinks such rumors are normal in film industry and she told that it didn’t surprise her.

Well, relationships can’t be hidden for long. We will surely know the truth sooner.

Whatever might be the case, the two look great together whether it is onscreen or off screen.



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