Sep 062012

Actress Sabina Karki debuted in Nepali movie sector in the Nepali movie ‘Dulahi Rani’. After that she acted in movies ‘ATM’ and ‘The Famous’. Vulgar dialogues of ‘ATM’ dragged her in controversy and she has made an image of sexy actress in Nepali movie industry.

Sabina_Karki_actress (2)

In an interview with an online magazine, Sabina talked about the hardships of Nepali movie industry and

In a question, Sabina told that there are a lot of people who want to take advantage of new comers. She admitted that the directors and producers try to take advantages of female actresses.

Talking about ‘ATM’ Sabina told that she didn’t have any intimate scenes in the movies. Some of the vulgar dialogues had dragged her in the controversy. About the scene of her eating ice cream, she told that it wasn’t suggestive and she eats ice cream like that in real life.

Boasting to be a virgin, Sabina told that she doesn’t want to have sexual relationship before marriage. About the roles in movies, she told that she has no problem in being featured in bed scenes or in two-pieces.

Sabina admitted that she doesn’t talk with her co-actress in ‘ATM’, Jiya KC because of the misunderstanding. Although Jiya helped her in getting the role in the movie, their relationship ended when Jiya stepped on her feet mercilessly during the shooting of one of the scenes in the movie.


Photo – Preparing for the ATM’s ice cream scene:

Sabina_Karki_actress (7)

After the huge backlash on the role she did in ‘ATM’, the actress tried to correct herself by working in more sober roles in movies. But, none of those movies have helped her acting career so far. The actress needs a good movie to prove her future as an actress. I wish her all the best in her acting and modelling career.

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